Benefits of Feram Hub

A fully browser based workspace - cloud technology makes it possible.

Benefit from the stable cloud infrastructure of Feram Hub and increase your organization's efficiency.

In accordance with data protection regulations, your sensitive data will be hosted on trusted providers located in Germany.

  • Easy and intuitive usage
  • Trusted servers located in Germany
  • Multiple services integratable
  • Adaptable to your needs
  • Multi-layer encryption for your data

Multiple apps in one place

As a full premise solution, you can shape and extend your Hub in the way you need. Centralize all your tools in one place. A wide variety of Hub applications are in store for your convenience.

Feram Mail app

Feram Mail

Send and receive encrypted mails with the integrated Mail app. Use our mail server to create new accounts or migrate existing ones. Multiple accounts can be added to manage both private and company mails.

Feram Contacts

Feram Contacts

Manage your friends, teammates and customers within your cloud using the Contacts app. You are used to manage your contacts somewhere else? You can easily synchronize all your existing address books with the app!

Feram Talk App

Feram Talk

Collaboration requires communication. Join or create meetings and text chats with the intuitive interface of Feram Talk. Share your screen or files without worrying about your data.

Feram Files

Feram Files

Access and edit your documents on desktop, web and mobile. Using the secure file exchange system you can collaborate on ideas and share them with customers and outsiders.

Feram Passwords app

Feram Passwords

Use an integrated password manager to improve your security practices and counter password fatigue. You can create and store strong passwords in your Hub with high safety measures.

Plan your Hub with us!

Feram Services

Your Hub can be adapted to your individual needs. Generate invoices with a time-tracking system or improve your project planning with organization tools. A wide selection of external services can be incorporated for you.